Wild Care – Architectures of Love & Correspondence

Exhibition - Porto Design Biennale
City Museum - Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão—Triplex, Porto

Wild Care – Architectures of Love & Correspondence will approach responsibility and matters of care in spatial practices, exploring architectures of encounter, attention and care. The exhibition will gather and present a selection of stories of love, correspondence and engagement that share an ethics of care for both the possible and the impossible, and are powered by an entropic force that resists managerial ruling and cynical withdrawal.

Inspired by Jack Halberstam’s understanding of ‘the wild’ as a resistant ontology and as an “uneven space of aesthetic power”, the exhibition will assemble stories of practices that contribute to increasing the sheer amount of care and love in/on the planet, resisting cynicism and toxic irresponsibility.


Combining critical, fictional, situated, and performative perspectives, the stories will address the interplays of matter/care, as nouns and verbs, understanding care as a doing, as a situated ethics and as a politics of architecture, and exploring the fragile power of the anarchic share: an active listening, a generous gifting, an open encounter.


Wild Care aims to rewire our understandings of care by rethinking ‘the wild’ as a mode of un-knowing and a renewal of our capacity for amazement and bewilderment in the hold of a body-to-body relation to the world and the relays of forms of life beyond the human.

  • Promoted by
    Câmara Municipal do Porto
    Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos

  • Organised by
    esad—idea, Investigação em Design e Arte

  • Board
    Luísa Salgueiro (Presidente / President)
    Rui Moreira (Vice-Presidente / Vice-President)
    Sérgio Afonso

  • Executive Director
    Magda Seifert

  • Vice-Director
    Diogo Vilar

  • General Curator
    Alastair Fuad-Luke

  • Curatorial Team
    Alberto Altés
    Ana Jara
    André Cruz
    Carlo Ratti
    Fran Edgerley
    Inês Marques
    Olivia Page

  • Assistant Curator
    Raquel Pais

  • Curator
    Ana Jara
    Alberto Altés

  • Research Assistant
    Flora Paim
    Jessica Lundin

  • Production
    Carlos Gomes

  • Exhibition Design
    Patrícia Viegas

  • Textile Installation Design
    Ana Direito

  • Graphic Design
    Inês Nepomuceno
    Susana Martins

  • Project Management
    Sara Botelho

  • Assembly Coordination
    Sofia Meira
    Eleonora Fedi

  • Assembly Assistants
    Tudo Faço, construção e montagem de cenários

  • Acknowledgments
    Anthology Film Archives
    The Film Foundation
    Hollywood Foreign Press Association