The Power of Experiment

Workshop/ Exhibition / Book
Quadrum Gallery/ Lisbon Trienalle

As a mirror aimed at Lisbon Architecture Triennale motto, The Form of Form, Artéria’s proposal — Formulate, Formalize, Perform appears as a methodological formulation aiming the practice of architecture. Following the momentum captured by 2016 Triennale — the scission between the production of star system formalisms and more socially engaged practices, THE POWER OF EXPERIMENT is looking at what stands for an architectural approach and claims the attention for an urgent observation on what we call forms of practice.


THE POWER OF EXPERIMENT explores strategies for collaborative learning and practice, working through collective conceptualization and action, based on three experiences: Formulate, Formalize, Perform. The workshop also saw the possibilities of these strategies and methods of collaboration tested through an experience of speculative and performative construction. Four days of experiments focused on expanded notions of thought/conception/construction to produce a common space not focused on the capacity of Architecture to reproduce, represent or serve a specific use, but on the performative power of construction.


THE POWER OF EXPERIMENT aims a methodological responsible approach engaged with local contexts to generate a contextualized and situated practice. THE POWER OF EXPERIMENT claims for an architecture that addresses and questions the world in transformation, in urban and rural contexts, aware of its role in political programs and environmental situations and challenging the diversity of socioeconomical systems.

  • Curated by

  • Co-produced by
    Artéria, Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Galeria Quadrum/ EGEAC, TRANSIBERIA, Atelier São Vicente

  • Graphic Design
    Ana Teresa Ascensão

  • Sponsors
    The Nordic Culture Fund

  • Supported by
    Denmark Embassy
    Finland Embassy
    Norway Embasy
    Sweden Embassy
    Vitorinos Seguros

  • Guest Teachers
    Alberto Altés Arlandis, Eimear Tynan, Janike Kampevold Larsen João Soares, Johanna Gullberg, José Capela, Leena Kuorelahti, Mogens Andreassen Morgen, Timo Leiviskä

  • Guest Choreographer
    Clara Andermatt

  • Invited Masters
    Architectural Design : Oulu School of Architecture [FI]
    Landscape Architecture : Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies, Oslo School of Architecture and Design [NO]
    Making is Thinking : Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts/Department of
    Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies [NO]
    Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention
    - Sharing, Displacing, Caring: Life in Common : Umeå School of Architecture [SE]
    School of Architecture : University of Minho [PT]
    Architecture Department : University of Évora [PT]

  • Acknoledgments
    Alberto Altés Arlandis, André Tavares, Armanda Vilar, Carlos Gomes, Catarina Morais, Chloé Pais, Clara Andermatt, Halfdan Bajlum, João Mourão, Johanna Gullberg, Lars Lerup, Luz Martins, Katriina Pirnes, Mariana Mateus, Mariella Gentile, Mathilde Nygren, Sara Medeiros, Sten Engdahl