Temporary Building / GAT-IN-Mouraria

Collective Equipment - Harm Reduction Center/ Drop-In
Mouraria, Lisbon
2018 → 2019

TEMPORARY BUILDING is a community-based project carried out in partnership with GAT IN- Mouraria to answer a social and health need in the city of Lisbon. This project is aimed at people who take drugs (PUD) and integrates multiple answers to fast tracking and anonymous, free and confidential screening of human immunodefiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B and C, and syphilis, in order to reduce the risks and injuries associated with drug use.


TEMPORARY BUILDING occupies a lot of municipal propriety that became vacant after the demolition of a small building, and its inner space in ruins is arranged in two levels: on the ground floor there is a reception area, a nursing room and the sanitary facilities for users; on the second floor, there are the working areas of the team. On the ground floor, TEMPORARY BUILDING offers a hanging garden that functions as a waitingroom and refuge for the multitude of its users.

  • Architecture
    Ana Jara, Lucinda Correia, Ana Florêncio

  • Team
    Ricardo Fernandes, Ricardo Fuertes, Adriana Curado, João Santamaria, Ana Jara, Lucinda Correia, Ana Florêncio, Mariella Marioky Gentile, Jessica Lundin, Patrícia Viegas

  • Construction
    COMPLAI Construção SA, Valentin Os

  • Engeneering
    Fernando Alves - Quadrifunção

  • Safety Against Fire Risk Engineering
    José Fonseca

  • Topographic
    Pedro Fialho

  • Sponsors
    Lisbon City Council [CML]/GABIP-Mouraria [PDCM]

  • Cliente
    GAT - IN-Mouraria

  • Área de Intervenção

  • Localização